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Welcome to our website

AccordionShop, a new venture established by Sergio Zampolli (professional accordionist) to start catering to the needs of accordion players in South Africa. Sergio will personally handle all enquiries and queries regarding the accordion, pursue the necessary research and make suitable recommendations to customers. Imports are  done by AccordionShop.

AccordionDoctorSA a new Division of AccordionShopSA has been established to cater for Accordion repairs/accessories and the sales of second hand reconditioned accordions.

AccordionShop is in constant touch with all the major Accordion Manufacturers and Music Publishers worldwide. AccordionShop can recommend the right instrument for the type of music or performance required. We can import music for accordion solo or ensemble directly from most publishers worldwide.

Accordion Manufacturers

Victoria AccordionsVictoria Accordions

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Visit their website at

Scandalli AccordionsScandalli Accordions

Visit their website at

Excelsior AccordionsExcelsior Accordions

Visit their website at

Paolo Soprani AccordionsPaolo Soprani

Visit their website at

Fantini AccordionsFantini

Visit their website at

Dino Baffetti AccordionsDino Baffetti Accordions

Visit their website at

Zero Sette Accordion Factory

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This is our introduction to the South African market, we will grow and keep the website informative and innovative. We value your opinion and we hope you enjoy your visit to our site.


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