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AccordionShop would be happy to assist you with importing your new accordion. We have all the necessary experience to wrap up the required paperwork for imports or exports (in case an instrument is sent back to the factory for repairs or maintenance) as quickly as possible and will also deliver your accordion to your door. Imports from any other manufacturers can be arranged.

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Paolo Soprani

Model Studio 96

Keyboard/Bass: 37/96

Treble/Bass Reeds: 3/5

Treble/bass Registers: 7/4

Weight 8,5kg

(usually showed like this in accordions catalog’s 37/96 – 3/5 – 7/4 – 8,5kg)

Beautiful instrument, ideal for student and professional using the instrument for gigs and standing the whole night.

Colour RED – BLACK

Carrying Case – Straps – Cleaning kit

Price R 39,500.00

Paolo Soprani Studio 96

Paolo Soprani Studio 96

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